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Doing much more than simply putting a roof over your head, Rydel Roofing Oakville offers a full range of roofing services for your home, business or building. Committed to offering our customers exceptional roof repair services along with high-quality metal and asphalt shingle roofing products, Rydel will not only protect your home from the elements but can also offer a variety of designs, styles and colours that are in harmony with your home and neighbourhood.

Boasting half a century of roofing experience, Rydel Roofing provides customer-centric values, an elevated worth ethic and a great attitude to every job we perform, helping us to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers. When you choose Rydel Roofing for your home’s new roof or your roof repair needs, feel secure that you are hiring the best roofing company in the Oakville area.

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Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Here in Oakville, the most common roofing material found on homes is asphalt shingle roofing. Here at Rydel Roofing, we use only the finest quality asphalt shingling products available, sourced from reputable shingle manufacturers. Whether you are seeing traditional style, designer, architectural or high-performance shingles, we can give you the roof you want. We carry shingles that resist black streaks and discolouration caused by algae colonies, as well as shingles that offer extra protection for your home against high winds, impact (hail) & other extreme weather conditions. With our wide variety of styles and colours, we can help you to make your home stand out, blend in or even mimic the high-end look of cedar shakes or slate for an upscale look.

Selecting the right shingles for your home is important, as is choosing the right company to install them. Rydel Roofing is certified by five industry-leading shingle manufacturers and is also “Gold Shield Plus” certified by IKO Industries, a highly regarded asphalt shingle manufacturer which offers excellent warranties on their asphalt shingle products. Vetted by and trained directly by the manufacturer, Rydel Roofing is well-equipped to make sure the job is done right the first time, protecting your warranty coverage.

Metal Roofing

A great roofing option for your Oakville home is a metal roof. Metal roofing offers longevity, durability, safety and energy efficiency, all while improving your home’s curb appeal, potentially increasing its resale value and making it stand out from others on your block. Available in a variety of design options, Rydel Roofing can help match your home’s design with a metal roof that will stand the test of time.

As Oakville’s leading metal roofing company, Rydel Roofing is proud of our premier craftsmanship, attention to detail and incomparable customer service. When you choose Rydel’s award-winning metal roofing professionals, you can be sure that you are hiring the best metal roofing specialists in the Oakville area.

Rydel Roofing has been vetted by and received hands-on training from steel roof manufacturers including Americana, Junior H-F, Wakefield Bridge and others. Not only do we have the know-how and the experience to get the job done right the first time, but we work to standards that exceed Canadian building requirements. Our high standards ensure that your roof is fully protected by its warranty for up to 50 years, offering you complete peace of mind.

Roof Repair

Have a leaky roof? Here at Rydel Roofing we understand the urgency and can help. Whether it’s a minor leak or you are experiencing a major roofing emergency, we’re on our way! You can count on us for emergency roof repairs, or simply to provide a free estimate. Asphalt or metal, small roof repairs to larger jobs, our roofing repair specialists are ready to respond quickly and efficiently when you need us. We’ll swiftly arrive at your home, assess the damage and get right to work repairing your roof and protecting your home. Rydel’s tested process not only ensures that repairs are done properly and that you won’t deal with recurring problems but also ensures your complete satisfaction.

Our relationships with well-regarded and highest quality roofing suppliers allow us to offer our customers a solid warranty, up to 50-years. If your roof needs repairs or to be replaced, select a company with a proven track record. Rydel Roofing Oakville takes pride in our quality workmanship and we support our work with ongoing aftercare.

When you choose Rydel Roofing, you’re getting a roofing company with the right insurance, the preferred training and certifications and who will support your ongoing needs. We deliver extraordinary work at the fairest possible price and we back all our jobs with a 10-year ongoing service package at no extra charge.

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Our confidence in the quality of our work means that you will not need to pay until the job has been completed. Rydel Roofing goes above and beyond before, during and after your roofing project has concluded, including a complete clean-up and client follow-up to make certain of your complete satisfaction.

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